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Keno Game Guide

Keno Game Review

What is Keno?

Keno is a lottery type game that is extremely popular at land based and online casinos. In some places, it is played in a special Keno lounge and attracts players who are looking for a welcome rest from the excitement of skill games. Keno is a game of chance with a relatively high house edge and yet continues to attract millions of players each year.

Where did Keno Originate?

There is no doubt that Keno owes its origins to lottery-type games played in the ancient Far East. The game’s roots are sunk deep in local legend and folklore, with many claiming that a famous Chinese warrior helped fund the building of the Great Wall of China using income from the lottery system that he spread across the land. The secret of Keno lay hidden in this part of the world for centuries until Chinese laborers made their way across the sea to the New World and introduced the game to American players. Keno was an instant hit, although it was tweaked in some places to appeal to a more Western taste.

What is Online Keno?

The game of Keno made a smooth and highly successful transition from the floors of Vegas type casinos into the world of online gambling. There was almost no change to Keno from the land-based version to its online look. The game is hugely popular online because gamblers are familiar with its interface and learn the game in practically no time. Today, Keno is found at any good online casino on the internet and generates millions of dollar each year in the online gaming industry.

What is the Objective of Keno?

Anybody who has ever played bingo or other lottery-based games will be able to pick up on the rules of Keno. In general, Keno tickets are sold in casinos, or online. Players then need to pick up to a certain amount of numbers – randomly – and predict that they will come up on the Keno board. These chosen numbers are marked on the Keno ticket. A Random Number Generator determines the outcome and the winning numbers are displayed on the Keno board. The player is paid out according to how many winning numbers he or she managed to predict. There are various kinds of Keno cards to keep the game exciting.

Why is Keno so Popular?

With its high house edge, one would expect Keno to be one of the least popular games at casinos, but the opposite has proven to be true. Keno is so popular mainly because it is such a simple game to play, requiring absolutely no skills whatsoever. As a result, there is no strategy that works for Keno, and this removes the need to memorize complex mathematical equations and hand rankings. In addition, Keno is reasonably fast-paced and rewards lucky players almost instantly. Industry trends show that soft and instant games are widely sought after by online players and Keno stands at the forefront of this type of entertainment.