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Keno Game Guide

Keno Game Rules

What is Keno in a Nutshell?

From a popular pastime in Ancient China to one of the most exciting online casino games, Keno has certainly come a long way. However, the basic premise of Keno – a lottery-type game that has players predicting which numbers will be called – has remained the same. Today Keno is just as popular online as it is in land-based casinos throughout the world.

What is the Object of Keno?

The objective of fruit machines is very similar to slots. Players need to obtain three of the same symbols in the middle row, paid out in consecutive order from left to right. Players need to use the different features offered to them to try and improve their winnings.

How is Keno Played?

For anyone who has every played bingo or other lottery-type game, learning how to play Keno can take a few minutes at the most.

  • Keno cards can be bought at special booths on the casino floor. Players should familiarize themselves with the different kinds of cards available before they make their choice.
  • A classic Keno card is numbered from 1-80. It is usually required that players mark up to 15 spots on their Keno cards as a prediction of which numbers will be drawn in the next round.
  • A RNG (Random Number Generator) draws twenty random numbers.
  • These selected numbers are displayed on a Keno board so that everyone can see the results.
  • Players then check these results against their own cards to see whether they have met the minimum requirements in order to be paid out any winnings.
  • It is up to the players to find out whether they have won anything on their card and casinos usually specify that this needs to be done within a certain time frame. If players don’t act quickly enough, they may not be eligible to make their claims.

What are the Different Keno Cards Available?

Keno cards come in a wide range so that a player’s gaming experience is more diverse and can offer varying payout rates. Some of the more common options available include:

  • Split Ticket: Players can choose numbers on each side of a demarcated Keno card. While the payout odds are slightly lower, players enjoy the convenience of playing two games on one Keno ticket.
  • Way Ticket: Cheaper in price than a straight Keno ticket and encourages players to choose multiple sets of numbers that may be called.

How is Online Keno Played?

The object of online Keno is the same as land-based Keno, however, due to the virtual manner of the internet, the game is played out in a slightly different way.

  • The online casino displays the Keno ticket on the screen.
  • Players make their wagering selections, including the amount they wish to bet, by clicking on the denomination buttons.
  • Players then pick their numbers by clicking on the numbers themselves on the Keno card.
  • Most online Keno games offer players a convenient ‘quick pick’ feature that will select random numbers for them.
  • Once a selection has been made, the ‘play’ button is pressed and the numbers are drawn and highlighted on the Keno card.
  • The online site will automatically pay out any winnings if appropriate.