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Slots Game Guide

Slots Game Review

What are Slots?

While slots are the newest arrivals to the online gambling industry compared to older games such as blackjack and roulette, it can safely be said that they are the most popular both online and offline. Players are attracted to the colorful, clanging machines that call for a few coins and a lot of luck. Players can literally spend hours in front of slot machines, in an attempt to line up their images and win anything from a couple of dollars to millions in progressive jackpots.

Where did Slots Originate?

Charles Fey, an immigrant to the United States, thought up the idea of a slot machine and created the first one in 1887. The original slot machine dispensed candy and other treats and it was only in later years that pennies and other denominations were offered as prizes. Fey partnered with Mills Novelty Company to produce his slot machine on a larger scale and these soon became mainstream in most entertainment establishments across the country and eventually throughout the world. Slot machines have gradually changed throughout the ages, moving from a purely mechanical setting to electro-mechanical mechanisms and finally to become completely computer operated. A random number generator determines the outcome of slot machines. Today, slot machines can be found in literally hundreds of different variations and make up the largest branch of the gambling industry.

What are Online Slots?

Slot machines can also be played at online casinos and they use the same RNGs and other interior mechanisms that are used in machines found on most casino floors throughout the world. Online software companies invest millions of dollars annually, inventing exciting slot variants for their players, ranging from the classic slot game, to multi payline options, interactive slot games and video poker options. The internet also facilitates the expansion of progressive jackpots and allows players to stand in line to win literally millions of dollars.

What is the Object of Slots?

As mentioned, there are many versions of slots available out there, however the basic objective remains the same throughout. The general idea is to insert coins of a certain denomination, according to the slot machine, choose how many paylines one wishes to play (in the case of multi payline machines) and pull the lever/press spin. The reels will begin spinning and when they come to a standstill, players need to check if their images form a winning payline. Players are paid out according to winning combinations.

What are Progressive Slots?

When slot machines are linked together, whether on one casino floor, between several Vegas casinos or over the internet through a network of online casinos, they are usually progressive jackpot machines. Essentially, this means that their jackpot is set at certain amount that increases each time someone plays a machine in that network. Eventually, a lucky player wins the jackpot and the prize money is reset. It is not unusual for progressive prizes to reach gigantic proportions. Players usually need to play the maximum coin amount to stand in line to win the progressive jackpot.