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Slots Game Guide

Slots Game Rules

What are Slot Machines in a Nutshell?

Slot machines are games of chance that require players to simply pull the lever and hope that they will manage to line up the correct images on the correct line in order to be paid out. The slots industry is continuously coming out with exciting themes and varied slot options in order to keep players entertained.

What is the Object of Slot Machines?

Each slot machine comes with a pay table. Players need to get particular symbols on the reels of the machine to line up, and they will win according to the payouts on the pay table.

What is the Game Process in Slots?

There are several betting choices available to the player:

  • Players choose one of the many different slot machines available today.
  • The machine is fed according to the denominations required and the player’s choice.
  • Players make decisions regarding the number of coins they wish to play, as well as the number of pay lines they wish to activate.
  • Players set the reels spinning.
  • When the reels come to a standstill, winning combinations are paid out according to the pay table.

What are the Different types of Slot Machines Available Today?

The slots industry has divided its machines into three rough sections, although some may overlap thanks to new technology, themes and trends.

  • Reel Slots – these are slot machines that come with three reels and one, three or five pay lines.
  • Video Slots – slot machines that have five reels and at least five pay lines.
  • Amusement with Prizes (AWP) Slots – based on English fruit machines, with the added advantage of a skill element within the game.

What is the Difference between Progressive and Non-Progressive Slots?

Non-progressive slot machines come with regular jackpots that don’t change in size and are set at a particular amount all the time. These jackpots tend to be smaller than progressive slot machines but they are won more frequently than their larger counterparts.

Progressive slot machines, on the other hand, offer players the chance to win up to millions of dollars in some cases. These are machines that are usually linked together through one network or on one casino floor, with all machines beginning with one set jackpot. When any machine in the network is played, the jackpot on all the machines increases progressively (hence the name). In many cases, the jackpot amount can grow to incredible proportions. To stand in line to win the progressive jackpot, players need to remember to play the maximum coins on the machine.

What Special Features are Found on Slot Machines Today?

In a bid to offer exciting slot entertainment, software companies have created special features that can be found on contemporary slot machines. Some machines carry a wild symbol that essentially substitutes for any other symbol on a reel to create a winning combination. A wild symbol also acts as a multiplier symbol in some slots versions and will multiply the payout by a certain percentage. A scatter symbol will allow players to access a bonus feature offered with the game, such as free spins or a bonus game. Amusement with Prizes (AWP) games have great Nudge and Hold buttons which allow players to influence the outcome of their game and introduce an element of skill into slots.